We have a long history of successfully completing bridge construction projects for the Georgia DOT, county and municipal governments, railroads and private developers and owners. These bridge construction projects are typically for highway grade separation and crossing railroads, rivers and streams. Our field construction crews have erected almost every type of bridge including prestressed concrete, steel girder, deck girder, post-tensioned and steel truss, with some incorporating a special decorative design.


We were the contractor for the first ever GDOT design-build bridge project in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the 5th Street Pedestrian Plaza Bridge. This signature bridge with expansive greenspace at Georgia Tech spans 15 lanes of the I-75/I-85 Downtown Connector. Another design-build project is the I-85 interchange at the Kia Motors Manufacturing Plant at West Point, Georgia. This project incorporated precast substructure elements, bridge columns, caps and beams, to speed up construction time. You can view the project video below. These are just two of the many design-build projects we have successfully completed. Georgia Bridge and Concrete has that special blend of knowledge and experience required to bring together a great team to design, build and execute the overall project for our client.

Culverts and Detention Vaults

These types of structures are usually for accommodating stream or storm water flow while providing some type of vehicular traffic or other land use above. They can also be used as vehicle or golf cart tunnels while allowing vehicular traffic or even aircraft to land and taxi above. We have constructed hundreds of poured-in-place concrete box culverts, pre-cast concrete arch culverts and underground storm drainage detention vaults for all types of public and private clients and project needs.

Retaining Walls

Highways and land developments use all types of walls to provide grade separation on the site while minimizing the amount of land usage needed for it. Our field crews routinely build reinforced earth walls, poured-in-place concrete retaining walls and sound barrier walls to lower road noise for nearby homes and businesses. We also install complex shoring systems and build all types of tie-back walls.

Spillway Structures

We have participated in lake and reservoir dam projects for both local governments and private owners and land developers. Our extensive experience in the construction of large concrete structures and our reputation for quality and cost effective construction positioned us as the contractor to build spillways plus pump stations, draw down and other structures on various dam projects in North and Central Georgia. The work we have performed includes both new construction and retrofitting existing structures to increase usability or repair damaged structures.

Concrete Paving

When it comes to concrete flatwork construction, no one is better suited for the work than Georgia Bridge & Concrete. We build roadways, interchange entrance and exit ramps and high-load parking areas constructed of concrete. This work can be a part of the construction of a new highway bridge or it can be a standalone project.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Roadways constructed of concrete require maintenance or repair. At times this means the complete removal and replacement of an entire section of the concrete roadway. This work is usually performed at off-hours to minimize the impact to traffic. We have the experience, equipment and personnel to efficiently and safely accomplish this type of work during any time of the day or night